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Why Do Some People Want to Fight?

One question comes to mind after the recent protests in regards to French laws banning the burkini on beaches. I have already dealt with this over on my political blog in the article entitled The Ban on Burkinis on French … Continue reading

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No Recession in France

In the article “France avoids recession and defies economists” you can read that the French economy grew by 0.14% in the third quarter of 2008. There is much to learn from this. The French have savings amounting to approximately 10% … Continue reading

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Respect For The President

There may be diverging views as to President Sarkozy’s temper, but it seems like some overlook one of the key elements in French thinking that would help people understand WHY Mr. Sarkozy is justified in feeling somehow mistreated by truth-seeking … Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s Third Marriage

In Denmark we have a saying: “tredie gang er lykkens gang” meaning that the third time is when it becomes a success. Unlike all the gossip magazines who run papparazzi photos trying to degrade the President, I actually hope he … Continue reading

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Well Done, Mr. Sarkozy

One cannot help but be a bit proud of French President Sarkozy for standing firmly upon the principles of democracy. Not shaking the hands of dictator Mugabe is indeed one of the mildest signs of disrespect. In fact, if one … Continue reading

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