Extreme Violence and Unrest in the Streets

It is always a shame when a young man is shot. Just as it is a question of seconds to ensure your own security as a policeman when a young man tries to flee in a car.

We cannot pass judgment on that. That is for the courts to decide.

A People Easily Enraged

It is no surprise for people who know the mediterranean spirit that many are easily enraged. For some it is a chance to do some damage – and they would do so at any given moment no matter the reason…

For others it is quite probably a sign of the frustration towards the police force as it is rarely punished when an officer goes beyond his or her responsible level of self-defense. This requires quite a big reform of both education and attitude among the officers who DO commit crimes when they react extremely towards even small offenses.

BUT we must remember that in cases like these you can’t say something that fits all officers, and the people should stop their nightly activities as it frightens the people who may have planned to visit the country as tourists…

Wishing all readers a good summer. 🙂

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