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Extreme Violence and Unrest in the Streets

It is always a shame when a young man is shot. Just as it is a question of seconds to ensure your own security as a policeman when a young man tries to flee in a car.

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I Miss France

I do look forward to both corona being over and getting a job so I can finally start planning for a vacation back to France once again. Our last journey down there was way back to 2007, and so much … Continue reading

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All Travels Suspended Due to Covid-19

It is a serious time. The Covid-19 virus is no joke. Thousands have died in Spain and Italy, and all over the world updates are coming in which point in a very negative direction. It is highly important that people … Continue reading

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Want to Participate on This Blog?

If you are planning on going to France for your summer vacations, I want to extend a warm invitation to you. As a blogger it is important to get new feedback on articles, and if you’re going to an interesting … Continue reading

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Tour de France Will Begin in Denmark in 2021

According to recent news, the Tour de France will begin in Denmark in 2021. First, there will be a race at the centre of our capital, Copenhagen. The second stage will begin in Roskilde, about 30 km from the capital, … Continue reading

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