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Little Funny Incidents

I am sure all of you know the feeling when you just surf across the channels on your television. For me it was due to the fact that our news station (TV2 News) had played the same newsshow some two … Continue reading

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Well Done, Mr. Sarkozy

One cannot help but be a bit proud of French President Sarkozy for standing firmly upon the principles of democracy. Not shaking the hands of dictator Mugabe is indeed one of the mildest signs of disrespect. In fact, if one … Continue reading

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American Views of the World

Being a Dane by birth but having spoken french since the age of three, my sentiments are indeed directed towards both nations as formerly described on this blog. Hearing this evening about George Bush’ claims of Iran being dangerous despite … Continue reading

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Guide Routard Updated

As you may have seen from my description of our two summer vacations in France in 2006 and 2007 we are very selective about what books we bring along. Primarily because they take up space in hand luggage, but also … Continue reading

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