Preparing Images

It is always a great pleasure to get to work with The Gimp – the freeware photo- and graphics editing tool that is equally available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

The review of things we did while we were in France is a true pleasure. Here’s a photo of our daughter’s table seat in the train when we went back from Tours to Paris.

A photo from the trip by train from Tours to Paris

An incredible good amount of space for passengers, and – one of my favourites – the cupholder. It is so greatly annoying that such a detail was skipped over by the Danish railways services. When one rides along on their IC3 trains it is always a risk that the neighbour sitting next to you may “drop” whatever is being taken in if and when the train brakes.

Images Will Soon Be Ready

I am in the process of preparing a page showing images from our summer vacation in France. Stay tuned. 🙂

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