Lady Diana – Died in France – Friday Marks That It Happened 10 Years Ago

Tomorrow, friday – August 31st – marks the first decade since the untimely death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales at the age of a mere 36. Numerous theories have been shed around this accident. I will not take part in any of them. I will, however, admit to being reminded of that very accident when we have driven through the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris.

Lady Diana was, in many respects, a lady to be remembered. She sacrificed so greatly of her energy, time, interests etc. As is so often the case her fame rose even more after she died. While she was alive so many people took advantage of her – and some have even continued in that despicable path as we have seen in various biographies and exclusive revelations that some have released.

Money speaks to those willing to listen. Tragic as that is, we will however be reminded of all the fine things she did while she walked this planet. May her two sons always walk in loving memory of a mother whom many of us truly admired for her idealism in the face of all too many trials.

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