Respect For The President

There may be diverging views as to President Sarkozy’s temper, but it seems like some overlook one of the key elements in French thinking that would help people understand WHY Mr. Sarkozy is justified in feeling somehow mistreated by truth-seeking journalists, as they claim to be.

First of all, let’s take the journalism angle. Journalists aren’t interested in truth — they are interested in selling more newspapers or magazines and ratings. Getting more attention is the alpha and omega of journalism. From that perspective truth doesn’t play any major role.

Also, in fact, one could ask the philosophical question: “What is, if it can be defined, truth?”

When the truth is unpopular things are cut off. That is not only true about Iraq but also about the situation in Israel. When people hide behind civilians it is true that attacks towards these people’s installations will also involve civilians. Why no courage would be a better perspective, and investigating ALL the facts instead of delivering half-truths along with archive footage to advance their own journalistic agendas…

La gloire

The french glory surrounding the Presidency is one of respect. I realize that respect is diminishing in this generation as it is towards all other aspects of society around us, but that doesn’t remove the cloud of etiquette that could have been expected of people when dealing with the subject of the President’s dealings.

Get this. When a fun video about Mr. Sarkozy is released, it isn’t done in disrespect from my perspective. I think it is good to see the human side of him. Just as the good luck wishes for his marriage are from a clean heart. I will never participate in dishonoring a President who deserves a pad on the back for serving his country.
Unlike many other nations, the Presidency isn’t all that well paid and noone chooses that position unless they are men of stamina who are prepared to withstand the fiery darts of so-called truth-seeking journalists.

But, as I said, we don’t need to become disrespectful of the office. And that should be food for thought for those who didn’t approach him with the respect he deserves.

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