No Recession in France

In the article “France avoids recession and defies economists” you can read that the French economy grew by 0.14% in the third quarter of 2008.

There is much to learn from this. The French have savings amounting to approximately 10% of their GDP, and while many others (including us Danes) borrowed too much in personal properties and overspent beyond belief, the French have been more sensible in their economic spending habits.

In situations such as these many nations are focused on internal solutions, yet learning from others can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE, and should be encouraged.

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3 Responses to No Recession in France

  1. Britt Malka says:

    What France are we talking about here? It can impossible be the France, Europe, where I live. The crisis are very hard. People have no money. No, nobody can borrow money, that’s true, but it’s more likely because everybody have too bad economy to have the right to borrow.

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