Start Planning Your Summer Vacation

It is a good idea to start planning your summer vacation right now. Not only is it good to ensure you have available spots on an airplane, it is also the ideal time to visit leasure parks and other websites to get ealy-booking rebates.

You can easily save 10% (or more) when you book your summer vacation well ahead of many others, but you also avoid the hastle of standing in line when you book in a leisure park such as Parc Asterix in good time.

Furthermore, ensuring your car rental is also in order is another aspect of being on vacation many overlook – and once summer sets in there is a risk larger family cars are not available for your full stay in France, so this is also an area where you need to be in good time.

Don’t worry about airport strikes. They will usually arrive at the end of spring, but usually it’s a one or two day period, and mostly just a question of workers voicing their disagreements with employers. The French government usually takes care of this very quickly, so you can safely go on vacation in France this summer.

So start planning your summer vacation now – it’s going to ensure you have a more fun summer vacation when everything is in order for your stay to this beautiful country.

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