Airport Strike

Recently, there was a strike at the French CDG airport. Workers have a strange tendency to pick exactly the wrong moment to strike, especially given the fact that a country like France is highly dependent upon income from tourists.

We see the same tendency every summer. Just as people are starting to plan their summer vacation there is a strike at the airport.

Funnily, the same isn’t happening for the train services, SNCF, so given the fact that you can bring your car with you when coming from Scandinavia through the Autozug presented by german rail services, there is a certain amount of competition for those who plan their vacations carefully.

It’s all a matter of politics, of course. But I’m quite sure President Sarkozy isn’t exactly thrilled about the situation. Because it’s not just hurting tourism, but also affecting network summits where people start planning to hold their conferences and other meetings elsewhere. You have plenty of options, ranging from beautiful settings in Belgium or the Netherlands – or excellent services in Germany, even supplemented by exquisite service from Lufthansa, an airline service we used a few years ago when we travelled from Billund to Paris.

So it’s a question that needs to be asked: are union workers aware of the destruction they create for a country that NEEDS services to be in order for international companies to choose to hold meetings in France?

Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

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