Little Funny Incidents

I am sure all of you know the feeling when you just surf across the channels on your television. For me it was due to the fact that our news station (TV2 News) had played the same newsshow some two or three times. CNN had been checked, and I was involved in some online design projects. It was, in other words, somewhat background noise.

I was looking for another channel, or else I would have set it on one of our two music channels…. But…. Suddenly I came across a programme that showed a woman walking the streets of Paris. A man begged for money in the movie and followed her. She ran scared down one of the streets and then around a corner. As spectators we saw a man punching that guy and telling him to stay away. It was then shown that this guy said something on his voice recorder (a dictaphone) – some kind of report to the husband of the woman who ran. On and on the film continued for some four or five minutes along the streets in Paris, and I was thoroughly enjoying this mini-cruise on a cold winter evening….

The wife entered a shop, and THEN the whole character of the movie changed. It was a porn movie, so needless to say I did surf away. But the funny part of the whole thing was the scenery. There were actually some five-six minutes that could have been excellent footage to show the amazing wonders of Paris.

So, if you haven’t been there yet, I would certainly encourage you to make an effort to see France. I shall do my very best to inform you further in the coming year.

Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

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