Guide Routard Updated

As you may have seen from my description of our two summer vacations in France in 2006 and 2007 we are very selective about what books we bring along. Primarily because they take up space in hand luggage, but also because one only wants the very best.

Let me interject the thought that in the future everything will, no doubt, be downloadable to our iPods in some format, and then maps and information could be searchable much like e-books can already be browsed…

Anyway, the Guide Routard for Paris 2008 is now available, and you can read more from their website

We bought this guide in a supermarket in the city of Tours after our first week in Paris and we were greatly impressed by the quality of information and fine tips available in this book. I would say those among you who don’t specifically talk french could also benefit from the book because things are presented very intuitively. Even the system of presentation of restaurants and hotels from the perspective of arrondissements (which area of Paris) is most helpful.

I would choose Guide Routard over the Marco Polo series any day, anyway. And I always speak out honestly on my blog so you only get the very best. 🙂

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