Others’ Opinions on France

It is today 217 years ago that Edmund Burke wrote his political commentary “Reflections on the Revolution in France” which you can read more about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflections_on_the_Revolution_in_France

France has since had many people describe this lovely country in more or less correct styles. Much of what is written by antagonists, and in such a climate many misunderstandings can arise.

Why This Blog Was Started

As many who know me will already have heard, I am a big fan of recapitulating — with regular intervals — on what is the purpose of this blog.

This blog is created because I have a great love for the country. It is written to inspire YOU, the reader, to get to know the country from a person who is very well versed in both the language, culture and politics of the country. The blog focuses on all aspects of France, and you are always welcome to leave your comments. Please do use a valid address if you decide to make a comment. I ask this very kindly although your adress is always safe with me. It would never be sold, but I want to make sure that there are honest people behind any comments made. So you are welcome to differ on opinions or make suggestions. Any and all comments are welcome and form an integral part of any serious WordPress blog in my honest opinion.

Please do comment if there is anything YOU want to know more about. Thanks beforehand. 🙂

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