Why Do Some People Want to Fight?

One question comes to mind after the recent protests in regards to French laws banning the burkini on beaches. I have already dealt with this over on my political blog in the article entitled The Ban on Burkinis on French Beaches – What People Aren’t Telling You…. I will repeat what I have already said on Twitter:

A fine is one thing. Forcing anyone to undress in public is less polite. But let’s see how the police reacts 🙂

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I Miss France

I am so happy that I got two French channels on my tv, because I do really miss France. A few days ago I saw a program where the girl on #versionfrancaise went around in the city of Lille. She talked about a thai restaurant in the street called Rue des arts.

That was a very nice place, and I have never been to Lille, so this was very interesting.

Similarly, I saw the series Marseille on Netflix recently, and seeing that city also made me curious about visiting Marseille.

What would you like to know about France? Comments are welcome. 🙂

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Parc Asterix – Worth a Visit

If you are planning on going to France this summer, I would again stress the importance of working in the Parc Asterix into your vacation planning, because it’s definitely worth a visit.

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What Can I Say About France That I Haven’t Said Before?

I want to involve you, dear readers, a bit more in this blog. I am looking for inspiration. I am sure someone out there must have been missing something when reading this blog.

I could start writing about French food, I could start writing about the charming landscapes, but I really need to know what YOU are missing so I can create content that YOU need for your vacation planning.

Thanks very much beforehand for your participation. 🙂

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Tour de France 2012

Now is the time to see a lot of beautiful landscapes if you have access to watching the Tour de France cycling event on your TV. This is abolutely a great event for me, as there are times – especially in the beginning and at the end of the race – when they are driving on roads where we have also been on vacation.

I am not all that keen on cycling as a sport. I am more into boxing, tennis and soccer when our national team is playing ball. But nonetheless, the Tour de France is one of the best chances to see some beautiful scenery.

Hope you enjoy this tip, and if you’re going to France this summer on vacation, I would greatly welcome your feedback and comments. If there is anything you need more information about, I would gladly help.

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