Excellent Article for Planning Your Next Trip to France

I was so happy this morning, because I received an e-mail from Janet who had written an article that was HIGHLY relevant for you, my dear readers of this blog. The title of the article is 100 Things to Do in France, and this could very well be THE article you want to read as you are planning your next vacation in France.

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Olympic Games in Paris in 2024

It was great to hear that the Olympic games will be held in Paris in 2024 and in Los Angeles in the state of California in America in 2028.

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Best of Luck To All Cyclists in Tour de France

Tour de France logoI want to express my most sincere best wishes for all cyclists in this year’s Tour de France. As always, it’s going to be exciting for those who enjoy this extreme test of good sportsmanship and the hardest climbs along the way.

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Good Luck During Presidential Elections

Best of luck to all French citizens on choosing the right candidate for the coming Presidential elections in France. I won’t make any recommendations, but will ask all to consider the French motto ‘liberté, égalité et fraternité’ when you do put your vote in the box. Freedom, equality and brotherhood are core elements in the welcoming nature of all Frenchmen.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you. 2016 is now closed, and we are ready to begin enjoying 2017. I hope you had great fun wherever you celebrated this transition from 2016 to 2017.

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