This Blog Revitalized

I was thinking about this blog the other day, and I made a very specific decision, so this blog is now revitalized. I had the original database intact, so it was “just” a question of reinstalling WordPress. The process was fun because now, finally, the blog is ready for our next summer vacation in France in 2012.

Similarly, we did receive e-mails from people who were sorry to see the blog vanish from the blogosphere. For those people I can only say: “Please comment WHILE the blog is alive, rather than crying once it’s gone.” 🙂

On the other hand, I also admit that my decision to stop the blog was WRONG. I am in no way too big to admit that mistake. I will gladly admit when I make a mistake, and my heart still beats for France. Why would anyone whose heart beats for this amazing country ever stop a blog about that favorite country?

Good question indeed. One that I can’t answer, so the blog is back up again.

Stay tuned for more articles as the tables are updated to a new MySQL server. Looking forward to serving lots of new information at a time when the boys are riding the legendary Tour de France indeed. 🙂

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