I Need YOUR Help

I need your help today. I have noticed that readership is under 1.000 visitors for the last three months – less than one sixth of readership on my other blogs.

There may be a perfectly good reason for this, like the crisis causing people to think less of travelling, but I also want to open up for requesting your comments. If there’s anything specific you’re missing please tell me about it. If there is something you want explored, we’re going to France this summer, so please let us know how we could serve your information wishes.

Furthermore, if there’s anything you want to share, like a YouTube video or something else, please feel free to do so. Add hyperlink for the embed code in the comments field. When it’s relevant for vacations in France it will be a welcome opportunity to share with others.

I fully understand that readership can drop temporarily, but I want to assure you that comments ARE welcome. When you have constructive criticism or new ideas, I listen. This blog is written with you – the readers – in mind. I look forward to your feedback. I need your help to stay focused on what interests YOU.

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