A Warm Recommendation of Cyril’s DVD – and Trailer on YouTube

It is a true pleasure to advertise Cyrils fantastic new DVD by sharing this trailer from YouTube with all you readers:

Remember to watch the trailer before you continue reading. 🙂

I must say I enjoy the clips where Cyril laughs. He isn’t laughing at the subject, but indeed shows the fact that when you are in front of a camera you always end up having a lot of footage you can discard. I have a tendency to be less articulate when the camera is on, so I am enjoying all the opportunities to learn from others.

Let me assure you that Cyril is a very good psychoterapist and I warmly recommend you order this DVD by going straight to: http://www.voupti.com/emotions

Also, the videopodcasts are worth seeing: http://www.malka.fr/videopodcasts/index.html.

For those of you who don’t speak French yet, let me say that listening to Cyrils voice will help you greatly in catching the language. So it’s a win-win situation. 🙂

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2 Responses to A Warm Recommendation of Cyril’s DVD – and Trailer on YouTube

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  2. In some way I feel like there MIGHT be a reason why the original person might have chosen to remove his/her movie, and as such that might be a bit of a problem.

    On the other hand, if you wish to download it to your iPod or some other type of equipment for personal use, then I’m all for it. When one releases a movie on YouTube it could be considered somewhat public domain – when viewing the film.

    Of course, any type of plagiarism, copying etc would constitute a violation of good ethics.

    Thanks for your feedback, and your link. 🙂

    PS: If you’re wondering about Palms, iPods etc, you might want to read my blog entitled PDA Exposed or the blog on My fascination of Apple Macs

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