Very Important Info On Health Services

For us Danes health services are rather “automatic” – we show our yellow cards, and health insurance covers the rest. What I didn’t know was that when we travel abroad, we should pay for such health services first, and only afterwards we get reimbursement from the Danish Health Security.

Written Nowhere In Danish Books

I am very sorry I didn’t know about that. I really thought the French were being a bit ridiculous, but now realize that the error was mine. :’-(

But, as we can all learn new things, I write about this so you CAN know what I didn’t know. It nearly cost me a lot more in other costs, but truly I am amazed that all five or six tourist guides didn’t say anything on that subject. For Danes that IS a very important topic because it is so logical for us to think one way whereas the system is totally different.

Nice to Learn New Things

I think it’s nice to learn new things – and to pass it on to others as well. I am a bit shy towards the subject because the error was mine. But I recognize it and hope others can save a lot of time by learning this too.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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