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Podcasts on Earning Money Online

Many scamsters have ruined the good reputation of this business which has some core ideals society regards as very noble. One of them is the possibility of becoming self-employed and economically independent for the benefit of friends and family. NONE of this comes automatically, by any means. Anyone that has been succesful can attest to that. It requires active effort, planning, examination, service before and after a sale is made etc.

Anyone that tries to tell you that all of this is just a breeze is either lying, or just plan lucky. It is true that you can hit a market with the right product at exactly the right time and get results as though you were drilling for oil. But future successes should, at least, be prepared to use self-control and discipline in their effort to succeed in this business.

I intend to do podcasting in 2007, and am currently preparing some very interesting themes that will come up on the first friday in August. Each week a new theme will be discussed - hoping you can learn something new you can use in your efforts. Good luck. :-)