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Improve Your Coffee Break - Something We All Enjoy

A perfect coffee break ought to be part of human rights. :-)
Regardless of skin colour, political views, religion or any other human attribute, we all need to relax from time to time to rejuvenate.
Muslims have a day of prayer on fridays, Jews on the Sabbath (saturday) and Christians relax on sundays. The application of age-old traditions has changed in many of these areas, but nonetheless, the human body hasn't.
If you don't hold any breaks during the day, you will slowly - but surely - become much less efficient. [So if you have a boss that doesn't appreciate that, let him see this site. :-)
This page is updated regularly, so I would advise that you add it to your Favourites, because in the grey Iframe I will regularly bring new and fun topics to follow. It may be everything from little games you can enjoy, new newsletters and sometimes even good tips and tricks to enjoy life more fully. Your little private Coffee Break Corner on the internet.
Relax, and enjoy

Informative links about coffee:

As you can see coffee is almost a science in itself. But you can also just leave it at enjoying this delicious beverage.
We do appreciate that some people can't enjoy this most natural of products, but even for them they could rename this "Coffee Break Corner" to their own liking. Lemonade Corner - Tea Corner - whatever fits best. :-)