Now You Can Learn Exactly HOW To Dramatically Increase YOUR Google Adsense Income


If you want to increase your Google Adsense earnings, there are some important things you need to get settled once and for all. You could easily set up a number of Adsense ads on your pages and you would only get very small results. But if you're ready to LISTEN, READ and LEARN some new things you have the chance to get further ahead in increasing your Google Adsense income.

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Some important tricks for Google Adsense ads

The Adsense Code & Adsense-Secrets 4.0

I have been greatly helped by the book The Adsense Code by Joel Comm, and his updated book Adsense-Secrets 4.0 has also been very inspiring. The second title can be acquired for free by clicking the banner in the left hand side of the screen.

Advanced Google AdSense advice

You don't want AdSense on all pages   Since AdSense may not be adjusted to start in a new page, you should face one fact straight away: people will be taken away from your page when they click one of the Adsense ads. You might not want this to happen on all of your pages. A case could be made that people would surf away anyway, so you might as well get an "exit fee". But, at least, consider your options and the value of each of your pages.

Channels - remember to use channels   Remember to use Channels when setting up your various ads. Some pay money to get software that will tell them some of the information they need, but I would also recommend you gain an extra - and improved - overview by having different Channels.

Watch your CTR-rate   When some pages perform poorly there might be a reason. Find that reason and change the elements that need to be changed. You should experience an increase in CTR when your content improves and when your choice of ads correctly fits the type of visitors you get on your page. Get friends and family to be critical until it is just right.

Remember that some sites have "on" and "off" days   It is very much overlooked by many internet marketeers that write about Google Adsense, but consider this: stamp collectors may hold more meetings on regular workdays (monday through friday) than during the weekend. On the other hand, other stamp collectors' sites will experience the contrary - that people do, in fact, do this type of research in their spare time. Things may be different from subject to subject.

Traffic, traffic, traffic   Some sites earn nothing simply due to a lack in traffic. Not just traffic, but qualified traffic [should be seen in comparison with CTR]. What do you prefer 15 clicks from 45 daily visitors, or 3 clicks from 120 daily visitors. 15 out of 45 visitors gives you a CTR of 33% whereas 3 clicks out of 120 visitors gives you a CTR of less than 3%.

I wish you the very best in increasing your income in the coming years.. :-)

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