Why We Love Our Apple Macs

Quite honestly, I am rather fed up with all the falsehoods being spread about Apple Mac computers. People who haven’t given them any chance – or even tested any for free – have preconceived ideas that die hard.

May Be More Expensive than Bamboo
It is true that a MacBook might be more expensive than some of the cheapest machines around in the world of ibm-compatible pcs. But comparing a MacBook with the cheapest laptop around is just like comparing a spacious Volvo V70 stationcar with a miniature Toyota Yaris. You may enjoy Toyota for all its values, but you MUST choose “horses for courses.”

When you want a good battery life, good screen resolutions, decent sound etc you would NEVER find that in the world of pcs – regardless of whether you run Windows or Linux. You can’t save your way into a better computer.

Far Better Design
It must be said that choosing a computer is a question of good and practical design. It is necessary to estimate all aspects of the item you buy. If you want a tool that runs very well and performs with full stability I think your choice would be easy.

The Amount of Software Available
It is true that in the past there was a problem with what software was available. The same was the case with Linux. But nowadays there are even programs that are developed and released for MacOS BEFORE it is released for Windows. Creative users, graphics and dekstop publishing specialists have long ago vouched for the quality of the Apple Mac.

Any Doubts?
If you have any doubts about what more to consider, feel free to ask in the comments field. I shall gladly reply to any concern you may have, and would welcome you as a future user of Apple Macs. We love them, and want to share our enthusiasm with you – the readers of this blog. 🙂

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