Toshiba Will Become a Leader In Batteries

Subcontracting can be a darn good business, and for Toshiba the future looks bright in the world of batteries. Today, I came across information on their Super Charge ion Batteries – so-called SCiB – which promises to make Toshiba a world leader in the field of supplying batteries.

It’s not surprising, actually, because for those of us who have been around for many years in the field of Information Technology, Toshiba has been synonymous with long battery lives. They were among the first to have supreme battery times. Some criticized them for having too expensive notebooks, but they kept their focus, and were rather succesful in their productions and sales, and many sales representative chose Toshiba due to battery times. Professionals had an extra battery, and could charge both at home so they had eight to ten hours of battery life available to them.

Now, other players have also joined the team of suppliers with good batteries, and in that audience Toshiba is bound to be succesful with their SCiBs. You can read Toshiba’s press release here:

0-90% in ten minutes, and a minimal loss of 10% after 3.000 charges promises to be absolutely wonderful, and with a life expectancy of such batteries above ten years it’s a good investment. So don’t be surprised if your neighbour someday comes over with his Mac and asks you for ten minutes of power. You will then have a neighbour with vision who’s caught the idea of investing for the future. Such batteries may be a bit more expensive, but a ten year life expectancy for a battery is wonderful in my honest opinion

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