Thunderbird Rocks…

All who know me are familiar with my being honest at all times. Some may have thought my enthusiasm about Macs is one-sided. Nothing could be further from the truth, because THIS will be the first negative about something already installed in the MacOS X Operating System, but also an immediate solution to the problem.

Fanatic About Order

I will have to admit that Mail doesn’t deliver what I need when I administer my mails. I need groups of libraries — in fact one for regular mailing lists, one for people with whom I communicate regularly, one for news about IT [IT = Information Technology], one for news in the field of religion etc. I am a person with a very wide selection of interests and filters are indeed the alpha and omega of a succesful experience with handling mail.

Back in the old days using Windows I especially enjoyed first The Bat! produced by Ritlabs and later I handled mail through various mail clients including Opera and later Thunderbird. Some might claim it is profanity to even dare suggest that a program like Thunderbird should take over what Mail could do for other users.
My best answer is that Mozilla created programs that could be used in a variety of operating systems and I concentrate on solutions that work rather than adopting solutions into things that COULD work…

This is one of the main reasons why this blog — and any of my other blogs — are useful. You WILL read my honest opinion about any subject at hand. I am never for sale. Not in reviews and not in any other connection, so if you were ever in doubt I hope to have cleared up your mind on this.

If you have decided you might like to try either Mozilla’s Firefox browser, or the Thunderbird e-mail client, on your Mac you can use any of the following two links:

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