The Resignation of Steve Jobs

The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple was quite a surprise in many ways. Primarily because we had all hoped he would be fit and well to run the business, but also become many somber predictions were made now that the world-famous Steve Jobs had retired.
One important element was missing from all these analyses.
Do you know what it is?

What most overlooked was the fact that Apple has always been open for renewal of ideas and concepts. Unlike Microsoft, who had a long period of stagnation, primarily between the release of Windows XP and Windows 7, Apple has always been ready to listen to the market.

When people asked for a camera in their iPods, they got it.
When people asked for a versatile ability to have a gadget that incorporated all the beauties of the iPhone with the aspects of their laptops, they got it. The iPad was born, and is available both as a purely WiFi gadget and a combined WiFi and 3G smartphone/smartpad.

All successes are based on providing what customers are asking for, and that won’t change just because Steve Jobs left as CEO of Apple.

I would therefore anticipate even further growth as Apple continues to implement these positive aspects of their methods in doing business – and even though there are always rough aspects in a global business, they are moving in the right direction.

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