Some Like iPhone – I Love Kazam Trooper X3.5

Kazam Trooper X3.5

This is the Kazam Trooper X3.5 smartphone – available for 1/8 of the price of an iPhone

I have an iPhone as my business mobile, but I have made a purchase that I thoroughly enjoy – a Kazam Trooper X3.5. In Denmark such a Kazam smartphone costs about 1/8 of an iPhone.

As regular readers know, I DO value all the positive aspects of Apple products. However, I have also, long ago, realized that you need different horses for different courses.

I hate to brag, but I am willing to go very far to get exactly the product I need, and iPhones have one annoyance in common with Nokia Lumia smartphones: their Danish dictionaries are NOT up to par!

I won’t spend just under 800$ for a smartphone if I can get one for $100 that does the job – and at least allows me to write my text messages without annoying suggestions that are in no way relevant for my line of work or any of my hobbies. Remember, all areas have their own special words, so the challenge is big indeed…

If the iPhone has also annoyed you, it might be time to try a Kazam Trooper X3.5 for you too. Enjoy. 🙂

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