Should You Buy the iPhone 7?

I saw a review in a Danish newspaper, Søndagsavisen, which told readers that if you already had the iPhone 6, you would probably not get all that much by swapping to iPhone 7, whereas if you were the owner of an iPhone 5, you might like the change.

That is actually the problem once you have bought a quality product. It remains useful longer than if you had purchased something cheaper. The iPhone 6 isn’t dead yet – and the iPhone 5 isn’t either. It’s actually only people who have antiquated versions 3 or 4 who would have problems updating their Ios-systems – and that can be a very serious matter.

One big issue, however, is battery life. Since you can’t change battery yourself, the battery life expectancy IS a big issue. You need a good battery life to choose the iPhone over its competitors, and this is an issue Apple needs to take seriously. People have many apps on their smartphones, and that problem can become quite a challenge if Apple doesn’t address it in their next version of the iPhone.

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