Samsung S7 Quite Impressive

I saw the Samsung S7 when I visited my sister recently. It is a very nice smartphone, and one that could very well challenge the iPhone in the top-range of smartphones.

First of all, I like the size of the phone. The screen is bigger than cheaper iPhones at a lower price than the iPhone.

Secondly, graphics are excellent. You get the feel of a flatscreen tv with excellent quality even when viewing from either side of it – so neighbor passengers on either the train, in the bus or while flying can watch without any loss in quality.

Thirdly, you can add memory using standard flash memory – and battery life is at the top of the scale, even when used intensively for gaming.

You can get a virtual reality headset where you put the phone at the end of the goggles, and that is something her kids enjoy – well, my brother-in-law does too…. 🙂

All in all, a very impressive package, and in Denmark priced about 200$+ lower than a similar iPhone. That is a real win-win situation for someone looking for a new smartphone, and I would certainly recommend the Samsung S7 or Samsung S7 Edge for anyone looking for a quality high-end smartphone.

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