Prepare for Music

When you want to begin creating music using Garageband, you are in for a major surprise. A positive one, I might like to add. Because MacOS X is very different from other operating systems. It’s only when you actually BEGIN using the functionality of Garageband that you get the chance to download 1,1Gb (not megabytes but indeed Gigabytes) of instruments, beats etc.

I find it rather fascinating that you get a wide variety of programs but that plugins and other stuff isn’t installed for “bigger programs” before they are needed. It’s a good way to prioritize your harddrive and if I never went for trying to compose a bit of music I would never have needed any media files since I wouldn’t be working along those lines.

I love this creative way of thinking and think it’s really the way operating systems should work all over the desktops in all homes. When you need it instead of having hundreds (if not thousands) of useless files occupying an ever-growing amount of space on your harddrive.

Another good reason to choose the MacOS. 🙂

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