In Memory of Steve Jobs

As any Apple fan will admit, Steve Jobs WAS Apple.
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Welcome to Yet Another Year

2013 has arrived. All speculations about Mayan calendars ending on December 21st 2012 have ended. I am among the most curious as to how Apple sales went this past Christmas-season, because there have been very different signals coming from Apple headquarters since the demise of founder Steve Jobs.
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Seasonal Greetings to You All

At this time of year, I think it only fair first of all to ensure this blog was fully up-to-date by updating to WordPress 3.5, and also wishing all of you the best seasonal greetings.
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iPad Mini

I know some will be happy to get the iPad Mini, but honestly I would say that if you want something bigger than the iPhone, I would go for the “original” iPad any day.
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Somehow You Must Love Spammers!

I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for people who waste their time sending ridiculous comments to a huge number of blogs, because it indicates two things:

  • A lot of blog owners running WordPress apparently forget running Akismet, because somehow these auto spam providers must gain access to blogs somewhere since they keep trying to come through…
  • The whole point of a comment is to provide something VALUABLE to a discussion, so even when a spam comment comes through, they won’t get any of the organic traffic that a well written comment gets.

Now, you may be thinking: what in the world does this have to do with Macs?
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MacOS9.2 Was a Lifesaver

It may well be that late founder Steve Jobs buried MacOS 9 when MacOS X was introduced, but there is one very important thing that helped me after a mistaken attempt at installing Yellow Dog Linux on an old eMac. MacOS X could not format the linux partitions…
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Nearly 5 Years With This Blog

I am nearing the 5 year mark with this blog, and this article is post number 161 during the many years I have now written on the subject of Apple machines. It’s been great fun – truly amazing to follow the developments with this amazing company that has indeed built top-notch machines in every respect.
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Jailbreaking – Why You Don’t Need It

When it comes to Apple products a new trend is jailbreaking. I want to discuss this a bit today, and I want to suggest why I don’t think anyone needs jailbreaking.
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Strange Thing About Apple Keyboards on iPhones and iPads

You may never have noticed this but there is one strange thing about the Apple keyboard on iPods, iPhones and iPads that I have wondered about.
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Apple’s Discount Prices

When new models arrive on the market you had better wait to buy your product until the new version has been released. I bought both the iPad and Apple TV just prior to new versions being released. The price of the NEW Apple TV has dropped 80DKR (approx. 15US.$.) here in Denmark, and the price of the “old” iPad (model 2) is now 500DKR (approx. 100US.$.) lower now that the new iPad has been released.
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