Now Officially a Mac-User

Finally the day dawned upon the family. Well, my wife isn’t yet accustomed to the Mac, but I am trying to help her all the way. A few programs were in English and she definitely prefers Danish, so I am making good efforts, but: the wait was definitely compensated with a positive surprise.

Good Shipping Procedures

Although it’s always difficult to wait for something as good as new machines, let it be said straightaway. Even the worst skeptic will have to surrender to the wonderful way in which these MacBooks are wrapped. Take a look.

Also, our son Christopher was very interested in the internal box around the MacBook as can be seen from this photo:

And he was certainly very much interested in following what Mama did as she went on the journey of seeing what a Mac also entailed as you can see here:

The Very Best…

The very best that can be said in the shortest possible way is that you will NOT be disappointed by making a choice to select a Mac as your next machine. Want to know why? On every single promise made in the movie ads you can watch on their website, they FULFILL every step along the way.

There isn’t anything promised that isn’t delivered. Even integrated webcam is so smart it no doubt annoys all the other pc producers. Everything is designed in such a nifty way that you cannot avoid becoming somewhat impressed with the end-product.

You CAN buy cheaper machines but you should remember that you cannot eat the cake and have it. So you will have to compromise in some way if you don’t buy a Mac. It’s that simple….

Back to looking at all the possibilities. Will keep you all posted. 🙂

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