No Need To Think of Security When Running MacOS?

You have no doubt heard the theory that when you have a Mac, security is no issue. You need not worry about anything. No viruses, no threats etc…. Have you heard this?
Do you think it’s true?
Well, this is a wake-up call for those of you who have heard that, because it’s FALSE!

It’s true that there are less viruses for the Apple MacOS, but that has to do with the entire system architecture. It’s too difficult for script kiddies to get involved with, and subsequently less mutations are made compared with some 14 year old kid who finds some source code and compiles it using his dad’s Borland C++… See the difference? 🙂

But saying that you are somehow automatically protected due to the Operating System itself would be trusting false hopes. Being better protected is another issue, but hitting “Options” [“Funktioner” in Danish] and then Remove personal information at the bottom removing cookies, browser history etc IS just as important on a Mac as on any other system. That deals with good computer behavior.

But next time someone CLAIMS it’s the operating system alone, try asking about the regular updates. If someone had disabled their automatic searches for updates, what could happen? I mean they must have funny stories about how magic wands work also…

Want to stay updated about spyware – although mostly for the pc users – you can always look at my site on the subject: I didn’t write all the articles, but used an article service, but am updating with further content regularly. Just in case. 🙂

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