Never Rely Upon Computers for Safety

Although it seems to be rather sensational to some that Princeton University points out that encryption keys don’t work under either Windows Vista og on the Apple Mac at their website there is absolutely nothing surprising in that.

As a consultant who has given advice on book-keeping software products, the subject of backup, security, antivirus updates etc has often come up under such advice sessions. I have long since learned even more from the Danish Hackademi on the subject of security. However, the one message that ALWAYS comes across is that: “if people want to gain access to your systems, they can!”

You COULD create a failsafe environment, but in such cases you literally need to build a digital Fort Knox, and you might as well conclude that if you make your systems safe enough so that people will find it too tedious to break into then they will probably move on to the next sucker down the road.

In fact, some also have fake servers that run absolutely nothing, and for that purpose you could take some old – antiquated – Pentium 200mhz and let it run some version of Windows NT or 2000 with nothing but worthless PDF-files. But give criminals a little gift. They could be presented with an e-book version of the Bible so they could learn that stealing is a no-no….

Just kidding, but the possibilities are endless, and I think knowledge coupled with a creative mind and a desire to live life to the fullest brings you much further than worrying about some possibiliy that some script kiddie is teased by looking at a memory dump trying to find something they could use.

Safety begins with you, the user, and selecting average software used by many people might be comfortable, but sometimes finding some little niche program is often much better when people don’t know nearly as much about how it works.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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