My first encounter with a Mac

It actually dates back many years, but the first time I encountered a Mac was when I did a transcript of a speech up in Blentarp in Sweden. It’s in the area of Skåne – actually a former part of the Danish empire way back… 🙂

At that time I had a PC running DOS 5.0 with the GEM desktop and a Windows 3.0 running on a 1Mb ram 286. My favourite word processing system was WordPerfect at that time.

Very Impressed

It was a bit strange for a PC-nerd to have the Apple-key – it’s use was completely unfamiliar to me. Sounds a bit strange today when you consider how the Windows key came on the scene and was accepted straight away.

What really impressed me was the ease of use by which things ran very smoothly. The couple I visited also used Mac for DTP and translation purposes and had some very special machines in their office building. Truly amazed to see all this technology working so well at that time.

Long Time No See

Some years went by, and I intermittently also saw the Atari – a truly special machine – but prices were different from the “IBM compatible” machines and the idea actually went to the back of my mind.

Only a few years ago, some very good friends in France bought an Apple Mac. A “deja vu” happened as I heard and saw the incredible turnaround in productivity. Also, in 2006 I had the great privilege of seeing such a desktop again. I had seen screendumps online and tried the Safari browser recently when I ran Vista on a notebook that was stolen when we were on vacation in 2007 in France.

Everything is simply so incredibly easy to use. Truly original. I fully understand why so many people involved in creative careers use these wonderful machines. When I also heard that breakdowns virtually never happen, and that they are stable as Linux I was sold.

In The Process of Buying

So this blog is begun as I am in the initial buying process. I truly want to share everything I learn with all those of you who visit this blog. I hope I can share many things with all of you, and that you would be so kind as to comment whenever there is anything on your mind. Feel welcome to do so. All serious comments will be published. 🙂

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