Limited Warranties

“Limited Warranties” seem to be the signal sent by certain Apple resellers. In this country an article was recently released that indicated that topcases could be replaced even after the warranties had expired because Apple recognized a problem with their case designs on 13″ models.

I sold my MacBook, as you could read in the previous article, and suddenly the question of noise in the cd/dvd-drive was annoying for the buyer. He contacted his reseller who tried to run from the legally binding 2 year warranty period that is OBLIGATORY for anyone doing business in Denmark.

I have contacted Apple, and look forward to seeing their reply. Especially given the fact that Apple has boasted an excellent quarterly result. No wonder if they don’t play buy the rules as all other computer manufacturers need to do…

This could be a costly affair for Apple, because I will pursue this all the way. I will even send it to national television if needs be. There is NOTHING that validates considering oneself above the law when you supply computers in the high-end of the price area…

I am in no way dissatisfied with the brand, but I am shocked at how many people have had disagreements with their customer service. I know friends who had problems with heat marks on iPods, a harddrive that stood off after two months, an iMac that died few days after the two year period and he was happy to have an extended warranty on his equipment.

All in all indicative of a production method that SOMETIMES doesn’t live up to the good reputation Apple previously enjoyed. I will keep readers up-to-date on what happens. Stay tuned. 🙂

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