LG Customer Service – Not Quite the Apple Standard

I have had problems with my so-called LG L80 smartphone, which is identified as LG-D373EU in the hardware information section under settings on my phone. That is a huge problem, because LG doesn’t have any drivers or software for that specific phone.

When you want to get in touch with LG Support you have to choose a model number, and even when you do, and write in the comments that you couldn’t choose the RIGHT model number, they send you a reply that might as well have been a reply from a robot.

When you are used to the Apple standard in customer service, that really hits a nerve with me. LG will loose customers in this area. I wish someone would have warned against this model, which is why I write this article, so others can be warned if this model is sold somewhere near you. You don’t want a smartphone that isn’t supported, because you don’t get nearly the same opportunities when you can’t install the communications suite that is available for other models of the LG telephone.

In all fairness I will have to say it is a pretty good phone for many things, especially given that the price was attractive, and I clearly don’t want to go below a 5″ screen, but I do occasionally think I might have to reconsider about the iPhone, even though I am a bit hesitant from a price perspective…

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