Jimm’s Truly On Fire For His Mac

Sorry about the pun. 😉

I had to grab your attention, and I sure hope I did. I found Jimm Lasser’s experience with his Mac that went on fire very refreshing. You can read it right here: http://www.underconsideration.com/speakup/archives/003941.html

Such accounts truly confirm the reason why quality focused people enjoy good design, a decent customer service and just that extra bit of a mile which the Apple guys will take to make you feel good. Their PR department must have a rather enjoyable workday because I really can’t see what could be negative about them.

Well, skeptics are everywhere and we are not used to seeing things that work. We are so accustomed to hearing about negative experiences that we become a bit negative ourselves.
Let’s never fall prey towards that tendency…. 🙂

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