iTunes – Resolving Update Issues on Windows Computers

If you have had problems with updating iTunes on Windows computers, there is actually a very easy way to resolve update issues. On Apple Mac computers this normally works automatically, and since iTunes is produced by Apple it’s rather logical that they know how to take full control of their operating system to ensure that everything works properly.

On Windows 7 some users have had problems with updating their iTunes, and the easiest way is as follows:

  • Remove iTunes – Control Panel – Remove program
  • Download updated version of iTunes from Apple website
  • Install the iTunes you just downloaded
  • Everything should be ready, and you can now again synchronize your iPad, iPhone or iPod

This easy-to-follow four step guide is the quickest way to resolve update issues – and you are welcome to share this with friends and family who may have had problems in this regard.

Have a nice sunday everyone. 🙂

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