iPhone Unlocker Pro Doesn’t Work

The product iPhone Unlocker Pro which you can find right here: http://iphone-unlocker-pro.com, doesn’t work. I had an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.5 – and the front page of their site promises that it works on ALL iPhones. Watch their header ad right here:

This is the header on the iPhone Unlocker Pro front page
When you buy the product – costing you US.$.24.95 – you thereafter find out that they only have solutions up to version iOS 4.3.3.

I naturally filed a support ticket, and didn’t get any reply, so I filed a request for a full refund through PayPal:

I have already created a support ticket, and mentioned that the unlock software doesn’t work with iOS 4.3.5. The current versions supported on their website was up to version 4.3.3, and therefore the header is wrong when it promises it works on ANY iPhone.

I therefore can’t use this defective product, and therefore wish a full refund.

I then got this reply from their customer service dept. through PayPal:

We’re very sorry to hear
about your problems with
unlocking your iPhone 4.
We’ve just released a new
hardware unlock solution.
It’s a tray + sim-card and it
works with
iOS on all networks.

In a second reply submitted 3 minutes later they wrote:

This solution is proven to work 100%. If you like, we can send this to you for no extra charge.
Please confirm that you want it and provide your full name and address.
Once we receive your details, we will ship it within 24 hours.
Thank You.

Please note: if such a solution could only be solved through that method, why didn’t they change their own website? Why should customers have to go through BOTH customer service AND a request for a refund for them to react? Is that customer service you would like?

I gave the following reply through PayPal with the above questions in mind:

It is NOT satisfactory to talk of hardware solutions different from what was promised. Your ORIGINAL product was what was asked for – and it didn’t work. Therefore you are NOT in compliance with the specific offer made, and therefore also in violation with the rules for calling yourself Paypal-approved. You promised that it would work, and I don’t need to discuss what postal services may do with envelopes, nor am I inclined to wait for any snail mail to arrive.
I therefore maintain that a full refund is in order since the product didn’t perform as promised.

In the process I went through I lost quite a bit of data because the site seemed so trustworthy. Now, I can only say you need to ensure you have a full working backup of your iPhone before proceeding, and if you have updated your iPhone iOS past version 4.3.3 you will have problems in jailbreaking your iPhone.

Furthermore, I think their graphic below the header could get them in quite a bit of trouble when Apple finds out what they claim:

This is the false claim made by the iPhone Unlocker Pro team
The claim that this product is used by Apple employees is one I think Apple definitely won’t take lightly…

When people wonder why you would wish to jailbreak your iPhone it has to do with coming past limits such as only up to 12 icons in one folder, wanting to download apps from sources other than only those approved by Apple through iTunes etc. There are many good reasons for wanting the freedom that a jailbroken iPhone has to offer.

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