iPhone Success – No Surprise

As I have written previously, we plan on acquiring the Apple iPhone both of us. Previously my wife was a virtual fanatic about having a cellular from Nokia. I have always liked Sony-Ericsson more, although I do admit that their little “joysticks” have been rather troublesome to use with large fingers…

Top Gadget

Time Magazine has written an excellent description about the iPhone, and in fact even put it at the top of their Top 10 Gadgets – read more here: http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/top10/article/0,30583,1686204_1686305_1690738,00.html

Every single word in that description matches very excellently why it is such an attractive gadget. We do look forward to Apple sending the iPhone on the Danish market also. 🙂

Top 10 Websites

I am rather amazed but the Time list of “Top 10 Websites” contained 10 websites which were all unknown to me.

There is no doubt that many will now visit these sites, but I am still somewhat perplexed about what criteria lay as reason for selection… 🙂

The Anathomy of Success

Just as in all other areas in life, marketing is based upon some very important and highly effective principles that must be fulfilled to one extent or another to secure success.

Some of the main rules are:

  • Product vs. price. Having the right product at the right price. Not necessarily being the cheapest, but offering a fair deal compared with the features of your product.
  • Stability. People want to be sure they can find spare parts if anything goes wrong. This would especially be true when dealing with computer products. Many have through the years acquired products that suddenly disappeared from the market – and often their entire investment was lost as a result of it.
  • Innovative. When you ask people to take out their wallets, there must be some form of innovation in what you’re trying to sell to them. People want exciting new features. They might not “need” bluetooth for their phones, but if their wife, son or daughter needs to send them an image it would be a smart thing. Innovation can be an old technique in a new appearance, and often is. Something outdated in one line of business can become the new buzz word in another.
  • Word of mouth. Nowadays reviews have quite an impact upon the way your product is received.

There are other important things also, but you will already have noticed that the iPhone fulfills ALL these points. That’s why many seasonal gifts might also involve an iPhone or an iPod… 🙂

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