Free Isn’t Always Best…

Most of you know I have talked very much about WordPress as the main blog software, but it never hurts to consider other options. MacJournal is one such option you can read more about here: At a price of only $34.95, and for Danes a very low price for the US dollar, that involves less than the price for a regular game for the PS2.

You can even download the manual freely in the PDF-format to see more about the program by clicking here: – the Table of Contents seems very promising.

MacJournal is available in these languages: MacJournal 4.1.2 is available in the following languages:
English – French – Japanese – Italian – German – Korean – Dutch – Danish – Spanish – Taiwanese

Free Is Good, But Sometimes We Need Extra Functions

Don’t worry. The blog will be kept in good shape – always backed up. Testing will be intensive before any blogs are moved over to the other system, but it never hurts to consider your options – especially when the price is good.

Against what all others [Windows-users? ;-)] claim, Mac software isn’t any more expensive than Windows-software. However, every user who has actually tested a Mac knows it’s a better machine with a better OS. 🙂

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