First Joel Comm, and Now Also John Chow Accepts a Mac

As you can read on John Chow’s blog — accessible from: — the number of happy Mac-users IS increasing.

He made this movie with iMovie and released it directly to YouTube:

As many of us have said for a long time, Macs will allow you to become FAR MORE CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE. You will spend FAR LESS TIME as a Sherlock-wannabee trying to find out why things didn’t work on your Windows pc. Likewise, even Linux on a pc can’t beat the MacOS. At least in my honest opinion. 🙂

Also, when dealing with creativity, fun is ALSO an important element and you can take a visit to Joel Comm’s home theatre, where he can be found playing World of Warcraft on his new Mac Mini, displayed on his 103″ screen. Mac Mini courtesy of Marlon Sanders.

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