Final Countdown…

What a tremendous feeling it is to have finalized payment for iPods and MacBooks. The waiting period from payment until delivery should be about three days. Three LONG days when one feels like a little kid awaiting a birthday gift… 🙂

Actually it’s quite interesting because family and friends do enjoy making comments like: “But you could get a pc almost 400$ cheaper”…. I don’t want a PC. I have made a conscious decision that our next machines would be Macs.

I have spent many years looking at stupid error codes the length of which were amazing, BSDs [BSD = Blue Screen of Death], manuals, patches, updates. You name it, I’ve done it. Ever since 1989 when I bought my first IBM-compatible Atari PC running with a 286 I have had pcs. I haven’t counted them but I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of machines would go into the thirties. There were times, before I got married and had children, when I even worked on three machines at a time. One – a server – secondly, a stationary and thirdly, a laptop.

I don’t want a PDA from HP or another Palm. I’m waiting for the iPhone and I have no problem using the Palm in the meantime. Also, the iPod will be useful in providing happy musical experiences when one is offline or far from home.

Glove compartments quickly get filled up with cd’s, so why not convert it all into MP3 and clean up the car? It’s completely legitimate when you keep the original cd’s in your home. And truly a space saver. Some car radios even have USB-cable connections and that would be rather useful.

Why do I remember the song “All I can do is sit and wait”? 😉

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