Eve Online

You may not have heard about this game, but Eve Online is something that is truly catching on to a lot of people. I was amazed to find that they have actually been so kind as to create Eve Online in such a way that it accommodates all three operating systems, ranging from Windows, through Linux to the MacOS operating system. Take a look for yourself whether you have a machine that fulfills all system requirements.

It says that normally MacBooks and MacMinis are not supported, but I am always a hopeful man so I downloaded the setup file for the MacOS operating system anyway. It works, and it’s truly amazing graphics. Even if you’re not into games I would say that it’s a nice test of how wonderful your graphics system is on your MacBook.

So if you think Eve Online is worth testing take a free 14 trial period by going straight over to the Eve Online Download page. Remember: having fun is a good thing and occasionally you might want to try something new, even in the world of sci-fi and just having some relaxation. For that purpose Eve Online may be just as nice as World of Warcraft which many have also begun playing.

Have a nice sunday everyone. 🙂

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