Error 53 – You’re In Trouble!

When you do a search for error 53 iphone on Google, you quickly notice this is a problem that a lot of users are having. On one Danish website, it seems that it might be connected with a self-authentication routine run by iPhones when you start up your phone. If you have had someone else change you Home-button or screen, there could be a high risk you are going to be affected by error 53.It’s a real pain in the backside. Quite naturally, you expect your units to have a certain lifespan before they start disintegrating, and the Home-button is apparently one of those things that has long plagued Apple users…

You might even be tempted to say some words that are less than kind about this, but that won’t solve the problem. However, you should consider whether the price tag of iPhones is actually worth the money. There are so many good phones out there that might give you just as effective battery lives, usability etc, so you might not buy an iPhone next time you’re going to shop for a smartphone.

I won’t make any specific suggestions, but for me, I have been very happy with my LG smartphone with a 5″ screen. It is run by Android, which in itself can also be a challenge, especially given that I have a model number that LG won’t support on their own website, but I get by. I got the phone for a very good price at a local supermarket in a nearby city, and it performs what it should do at this time. As long as I haven’t used up my two year warranty, I let it survive anyway.

Paying hundreds of dollars to move over to Apple iPhones won’t happen anyway, but I must admit I am considering Samsung at some future date. But there is no hurry. I am sure you know the feeling. 🙂

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