Confused About E-book Formats?

Are you confused about e-book formats? What fits the Kindle from Amazon, what fits the iPad – and which format should you choose when you’re going to publish for people who use iPhones or iPods? This subject is one that confuses many, and numerous publishers already publish in varied formats.

When it comes to the subject of e-book formats, the confusing parts need to be removed, and that will be the focus of this blog in the month of July.

It’s not just enough to know what format to use. You also need to consider what program to produce your e-book in, and also how to market your e-book. This subject is one that is highly promising for the people interested in knowing EXACTLY how to get ahead with publishing your own e-books.

This theme should also be one that could interest people who have already published e-books, and I would highly welcome any writers out there who want to join the theme with a guest article. You can gain a backlink to your own blog, and retain the right to quote your article sent to this blog. If you are a publisher with a message for the world of e-book publishing, there is no doubt you could get tremendous feedback from joining this theme of the month.

Write a comment about what you would like to write about, and I can promise I will get right back to you with information on how to get your article published. Consider this a free chance to share your expertise on this blog as I will develop this theme into at least three articles per week this coming month. I want to be a really efficient resource for ANYONE considering publishing e-books on any subject.

Stay tuned – and please feel free to join this theme.

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