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The Resignation of Steve Jobs

The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple was quite a surprise in many ways. Primarily because we had all hoped he would be fit and well to run the business, but also become many somber predictions were made now that the world-famous Steve Jobs had retired. One important element was missing from all […]

SOLiCharger — Ideal for Your iPhone

SOLiCharger may be the ideal gift for the person that normally has everything. Here is the description of the product: The SOLiCharger™ is the essential accessory for any iPhone or iTouch fanatic. This tiny, lightweight (just 1.4oz – 40 grams) Lithium-ion battery pack slips sleekly onto any iPhone to provide up to 50% full iPhone […]

9 Year Old Develops iPhone Apps

According to http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/02/05/2009-02-05_nineyearold_lim_ding_wen_from_singapore_.html Lim Din Wen, a 9 year old kid, has already developed one application for the iPhone.

Toshiba Will Become a Leader In Batteries

Subcontracting can be a darn good business, and for Toshiba the future looks bright in the world of batteries. Today, I came across information on their Super Charge ion Batteries – so-called SCiB – which promises to make Toshiba a world leader in the field of supplying batteries.

Stainless – Interesting

Stainless is an interesting browser – though unfinished, as they also say on the front page.

I Said So Long Ago

I have said long ago that Microsoft should focus solely on their operating system and their play console. Here’s why.

Excellent Results for Apple

It is highly encouraging to read the financial report article you can see here: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2008/07/21results.html because it proves that we are not the only ones to enjoy our MacBooks and iPods. Many are seeing the light coming from top-notch design, excellent battery times, good operating system and handicraft that just keeps working, working, working and […]

Mac Users Increasing

It’s no surprise to those of us who enjoy using our Macs that more people are coming over to the MacOS. What is new is that one of the bigger surveyors of internet activity has counted nearly 8% market share of Mac users on their client’s webserver traffic activity. You can read the article here: […]

First Joel Comm, and Now Also John Chow Accepts a Mac

As you can read on John Chow’s blog — accessible from: http://www.johnchow.com/apple-macbook-pro-still-a-mac/ — the number of happy Mac-users IS increasing.

Greetings From a Happy Mac-User

Regular readers will have noticed that I do love Macs. Love IS a big word, and I’m not talking about the kind of love you have for your partner or your children. I am talking of the kind of elation you feel when you have spent many years trying to solve numerous problems on Windows-platforms, […]