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This Blog Is Back

As some of you may have noticed, this blog was down for quite a while. Whether it was a database error or a software issue, I can’t say. My domain seems to be the only place where this happened. I have searched for a solution for quite a while, and hoped I could have solved […]

New Apple Headquarters

I really loved this video showing Steve Jobs presenting the plans for a new headquarters campus in Cupertino. I am sure all readers will also like watching this, so I wanted to share this today.

In Memory of Steve Jobs

As any Apple fan will admit, Steve Jobs WAS Apple.

Nearly 5 Years With This Blog

I am nearing the 5 year mark with this blog, and this article is post number 161 during the many years I have now written on the subject of Apple machines. It’s been great fun – truly amazing to follow the developments with this amazing company that has indeed built top-notch machines in every respect.

Post Number 125 — Maybe The Last?

This is post number 125 on the subject of the Apple Mac computer. I have covered many subjects in the past 124 posts, but will have to make important decisions this year. One of them is which blogs to keep, and which to discard. In that context I have only received 14 comments on this […]

Computational Power

Today I want to share a special video with you all which doesn’t directly relate to the Apple Mac computer. It is in fact some thought provoking information I found on YouTube which I felt was worth considering from many perspectives.

Which Computer Should I Buy?

I will be completely honest with you. Many of you won’t like this article. After having been involved with varying forms of computers I have reached a certain maturity in this area which has enabled me to say things in a straightforward way. Many people don’t like that.

Mac Users Increasing

It’s no surprise to those of us who enjoy using our Macs that more people are coming over to the MacOS. What is new is that one of the bigger surveyors of internet activity has counted nearly 8% market share of Mac users on their client’s webserver traffic activity. You can read the article here: […]

24 Years Ago, the Apple Mac Was Introduced

This was the commercial that inroduced the Apple Macintosh Computer to the world. Even though the commercial is over two decades old it’s still crème de la crème. 🙂

My first encounter with a Mac

It actually dates back many years, but the first time I encountered a Mac was when I did a transcript of a speech up in Blentarp in Sweden. It’s in the area of Skåne – actually a former part of the Danish empire way back… 🙂 At that time I had a PC running DOS […]