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Wolfenstein 3D on Your iPhone

Ladies and gentlemen, the best news ever is that you can now download Wolfenstein 3D for your iPhone (click the title).

Eve Online

You may not have heard about this game, but Eve Online is something that is truly catching on to a lot of people. I was amazed to find that they have actually been so kind as to create Eve Online in such a way that it accommodates all three operating systems, ranging from Windows, through […]

All Is The Same in Windows

I couldn’t help laughing a bit when I read that Microsoft hasn’t changed their “BSOD” [Blue Screen of Death] in their new Windows 7. You can read it here: http://i.gizmodo.com/5129919/our-first-windows-7-bsod#c.

HandBrake – Open Source Video Conversion

In a hurry, then go over to: http://handbrake.fr/?article=download. Handbrake is multi-featured and runs on all three platforms: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Prepare for Music

When you want to begin creating music using Garageband, you are in for a major surprise. A positive one, I might like to add. Because MacOS X is very different from other operating systems. It’s only when you actually BEGIN using the functionality of Garageband that you get the chance to download 1,1Gb (not megabytes […]

Solution for Game Nostalgia

If you’re hit by game nostalgia, and still had a pc running some form of DOS to run some of your old games, you might be able to trash your pc.

Another One Loves Mac…

I won’t write anything on the day commonly known as “April Fool’s Day”, but wanted to share a video I found where this woman shares her love for the Mac.

First Joel Comm, and Now Also John Chow Accepts a Mac

As you can read on John Chow’s blog — accessible from: http://www.johnchow.com/apple-macbook-pro-still-a-mac/ — the number of happy Mac-users IS increasing.

What People Will Do…

Let me say it straight away. I didn’t like the clip on YouTube at first, but actually there is a good lesson in this.